Jeri Lynn Scott is a Texas girl through and through. Born in Ft. Worth and raised to love God, Family and Country. Jeri Lynn grew up going to church as a child and accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior at 6.

As a teen Jeri Lynn began to desire the “FUN” that the world was offering and she strayed from her love for the Lord and The Church. Enjoying her time in high school with her boyfriend, friends and extra curricular activities it wasn’t long before she realized she was pregnant. At 16, scared, desperate and uneducated she chose to have an abortion. Jeri Lynn said, “I walked into the abortion clinic naive, scared and innocent and I walked out lost, broken and ashamed.”

After this experience, Jeri Lynn suffered with anger, depression and PTSD for more than15 years .During that 15 year period she became a flight attendant, she married and had her first child, but everything started to crumble and her life eventually hit rock bottom. Her 8 yr. marriage of abuse and turmoil ended, and she was forced to face her demons that had been haunting her for so long. Jeri Lynn cried out to God for help and He was there for her. She was finally able to forgive herself, and she surrendered her life fully to Christ. 

Jeri Lynn took hold of her second chance in life and has never looked back. After an 18-year career as a flight attendant, Jeri Lynn hung up her wings.  She enrolled in seminary and received her degree in women’s ministry. She remarried a wonderful man and had more children, and continues to pursue Her calling to disciple, equip and encourage others to seek God’s truth and unique purpose for their lives. 

Jeri Lynn is a Women’s Bible study leader, The author of Uniquely Gifted, speaker and founder of Uniquely Gifted Ministries.

Through God’s love and redemption, Jeri Lynn accepted the position of the Executive Director at Resources for Women, Pregnancy Care Center in San Antonio TX, where her story has truly made an impact in the lives of clients and their unborn babies. Jeri Lynn said “Holding a newborn baby of an abortion determined client, who changed her mind, because I shared my story is beyond rewarding! Only God can do that!”

This has given her a platform to teach, speak, give her testimony but most importantly share the message of Jesus Christ. Jeri Lynn currently resides in New Braunfels, Texas with her husband, best friend, and love of her life Fred, and their five children – Brandi, Travis, Matthew, Sasha and Joshua.