"I have had the honor of speaking and administering workshops for over 15 years in many different venues and settings.                                             I have also had the privilege of meeting and learning from some incredible christian leaders. Rest assured, I will pray over the message I will share and ladies who will attend. I will take every detail of your event very personally. I also ask that you pray for me and Gods leading." Jeri Lynn

Speaking Topics

*How do I find my calling?
*What is my purpose?
*Covenant Relationships: God's Holy Promises
*Road Blocks: Why can't I move on?
*Surrender: Laying down my Isaacs  
*Spiritual Gifts: What are my gifts? ​

I'm always able to blend topics based on what it is that you're seeking. I can send you a more in-depth description upon request. Please feel free to call or email me for more information.


Testimony: Sharing a personal testimony can sometimes be the key to reaching someone, opening the door to lead them to Christ. Let me develop a half or full day workshop for your group to uncover, craft and learn to share their personal testimonies. 

Bible Study: Other workshops center on developing effective Women’s Bible Study programs, conducting a successful mission trip or learning the art of evangelism.

Mentoring: Need help with mentoring your team: I would love to go one-on-one with your Women’s Ministry leaders for ideas and techniques that work. My individual growth in women’s ministry leadership combined with my years of experience in leading a prosperous and life-changing Women’s Ministry Bible Study program in a large church environment can help make your own program more effective. 

Uniquely Gifted Assessment: Determine you or your group’s spiritual gifts, talents and unique personalities, good and bad. I administer fun, eye-opening and helpful testing to determine the optimal way your group or organization can and should function. But, I don’t stop with just an assessment.  I can provide insight and direction into how to best to use these unique talents for Christian service to others, allowing you or your group, to find fulfillment in God’s design for your life.

Women's Ministry: I love Women's Ministry! I would love come access your  women's ministry team. I will evaluate your teams dynamics, and help your team discover their  united calling, teams uniqueness, and giftedness. Your team will learn to lead the women of your church, to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus.  I have 2 degrees in Women' Ministry and have served on women's ministry teams for over 20 years. 

Cost of all engagements: I have been called to make disciples and and equip women. So it's important to me to help as many women as possible. My commitment is to help you and work within your team or groups budget. 
Please contact me personally for more information . We can discuss more in depth for your specific needs.

I look forward to serving you,
Jeri Lynn Scott
​Uniquely Gifted Ministries